Hockey player suspended for imitating a fellation

The American hockey league has been very tight between Stockton Heat, Laval Rocket, Toronto Marlies and Manitoba Moose who are trying to reach the top of the table. It was looking pretty good for the Laval Rocket who had recently stomped the Toronto Marlies and moved into second place. The team was already preparing for the four-game series against the Stockton Heat’s when they received an announcement from the AHL (American Hockey League) that their star left winger Yannick Veilleux would be suspended for two games due to the celebration that took place in the previous game against Toronto, a celebration in which he mocked the opposing team by making fellation gestures.

As mentioned above, that game was a victory for the Rockets, who finished with a score of 5 to 4 in a penalty shootout. With this we suppose that the complaint about the fellation imitation was late and therefore the AHL announcement was late which took by surprise more than one, among them Yannick Veilleux himself. It is normal that after watching over and over again the video of the celebration we think that the player in question was just asking for a bottle of water to drink, however if we notice very carefully we can clearly see how the player is heading to the bench of the opposing team when he makes such gesture.

“Not that we have not seen worse things in the past, but we should not overlook this type of gesture today.” – AHL President

Veilleux will therefore not play in the upcoming matches that would define the final outcome of the league. Unfortunately for the team and its fans, the important player will only be able to watch from the bench with his impressive 7 points and 4 goals.