Do you need a good lawyer?

There are cases under civil law in which it is not necessarily mandatory to hire a lawyer to go to court. But the fact that it is not mandatory does not mean that its intervention in many cases may be more than advisable, since although there are matters that at first glance may seem very simple, they may contain legal complexities that cannot be managed by persons who are not legal professionals. It is clear that the best defence is one that can be guaranteed by a lawyer in Barcelona with with adequate training and competence.

Few people actually think they need a lawyer if they don’t find themselves in a complicated situation or trial, but lawyers are able to do a lot of work beyond standing in front of a judge.

When should you hire a lawyer?

The intervention of a lawyer in a judicial proceeding shall be necessary and mandatory except in the following cases:

  • in the case of oral proceedings, the amount is less than €2,000.

  • in the initial request for order for payment procedures.

  • in the case of briefs requesting the adoption of urgent measures prior to trial or the suspension of hearings and proceedings.

It may be the case that even though the intervention of a lawyer and solicitor is not mandatory, some of the parties may decide to hire them in order to be better assisted, and in that case they must inform the court so that the court can in turn give the opposing party the opportunity to hire these professionals as well. In this way, the aim is to ensure that the two opposing parties in a trial act on an equal footing, since if an inequality is observed, it may be the court or tribunal itself that decides to suspend the proceedings until that inequality disappears.

In criminal proceedings, any detainee has the right to freely appoint a lawyer or to be assigned a public defender. The presence of the lawyer shall be obligatory for the duration of the entire judicial procedure and shall represent the accused in the case, while the procurator shall only be necessary in those cases in which it is agreed to open an oral trial.

In case of a misdemeanor trial the hiring of a lawyer is not mandatory but highly recommended. The presence of a lawyer and a solicitor is not legally obligatory in the processing of labor or social processes, but it will be that of a lawyer to defend the interests of the parties with the minimum guarantees, since the interests discussed in these cases are of special relevance.

It will be necessary to intervene only as a lawyer if the action to be brought is before a single-person body (Contentious-Administrative Court) and if it is before a collegiate body such as a Superior Court of Justice or the National High Court, the presence of a lawyer and prosecutor will be necessary.

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