The positive impact of playing android videogames

Video games have often been the target of criticism, being blamed for promoting violence and encouraging self-isolation. In some countries, even video games considered “violent” have been banned by law. However, a number of studies have not agreed on the existence of a link between violence and video games, and have reached some conclusions about the positive effects of video games on the brain and cognitive abilities.

Here you have four benefits of playing the best android RPG games:

1. Improve your attention

Although it seems contradictory to the general impression that playing video games reduces children’s attention span, research suggests that action games can improve visual attention, and help an individual learn to focus on relevant visual information. Currently, researchers are working on the use of action games to improve military training, and to correct certain visual deficits. In contexts where the brain faces an overwhelming amount of visual information (such as driving a car or facing war), video games may be a training and preparation tool to help us control attention and distinguish important information from information that is not.

2. Strengthen your memory

In a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, the link between video games and functional memory was tested. Participants were assigned an action video game (such as Call of Duty) or a video game like The Sims, and measured for 30 days. The researchers found that playing action video games appears to stimulate visual functional memory more than other activities, results that appear to be consistent with previous research. Other studies indicate that action video games are better at this effect than “brain-training games” that are specifically designed to improve memory.

3. Improve your motor and visual skills

A game called Underground, where players must guide a child and their robot pet out of a mine has been adapted to train surgeons in specific skills: players use adapted controllers that resemble the tools used in surgeries, and those who perform best in the game also perform best in evaluations of their surgical skills. Certain games, where precision is key, can become tools for fine motor training.

In other tests, it has been found that those who play action video games are better than other people at identifying visual cues and shifting their attention between stimuli. At the Max-Planck Institute for Human Development, Professor Simone Kühn has studied brain-scanning technology to analyze people playing Super Mario 64 DS, finding growth in three areas of the brain over a two-month period: the prefrontal cortex, the right hippocampus, and the cerebellum, all related to fine motor control and space navigation ability.

4. Improve your social skills

Other studies have found that narrative aspects of video games can contribute to improving the social and emotional skills of children, especially those with forms of autism. This evolution, which can also be seen in people who consume fiction on a regular basis, tells us that narrative allows players to access other people’s mental states, thereby helping children practice the skills of empathy and understanding for others.