Sex is good or bad for energy?

The discussion regarding the consequences of sex for the body in terms of whether it gives or takes away energy is constant and in fact many studies, observations and analyses have been carried out over a long period of time in order to find an answer, which in spite of all these efforts seems not to be entirely clear.

However, there are those who claim that ejaculation, whether as a result of masturbation or sex, ends up training the man’s vital energy, but it could be claimed that when ejaculates stops, that does not mean that a man stops having orgasms. Controlling the ejaculation moment, could be in fact trained with different masturbations technics and as of today there are even some young men that are using new porn apps similar to TikTok’s format, with short-format videos stories of porn content (if curious see, in order to gain more control over the ejaculation moment.

Sex removes or gives energy?

According to modern Western medicine, male masturbation is a very healthy type of activity that releases tension. Of course, it is clear that if you meet this goal of getting rid of tension, but there is also an incontrovertible fact that Western medicine does not consider and that is that man’s ejaculation causes a feeling of fatigue, loss of vitality and is a small depression. This is something that all men experience to a greater or lesser extent. The above does not allude to the fatigue that occurs after exercise, because a sexual relationship in one way or another involves this type of movement that can be demanding.

In addition to the above, there is strong evidence that sex takes energy away from the body, because once ejaculated, it takes a man a few minutes to get back to another direction. This is also explained by the fact that different substances that make up a powerful chemical cocktail have also been discarded in semen, including compounds such as prolactin.

In comparison with the previous posture, from traditional Chinese medicine, the emphasis is on ejaculation and ejaculation is considered, if frequent, as a loss of the vital essence that nourishes the blood, brain, bones, etc.. In other words, if ejaculation is common, for those who assume this posture it can be a cause of premature aging, mental fog, bone problems, among many other symptoms.

In that sense, if you consider the different positions on this issue and think about everyday experiences, the answer is that sex does take away energy and this is a fact that is very difficult to deny the evidence.

Finally, what must be recognized is that sex is a tool that, at least in terms of the Western vision, is a mechanism for releasing tension, a very useful feature for times when stress takes precedence. We all need sex to have a happy life. Or almost everyone, at least. What is clear is that healthy sexuality must be practiced, or else you risk exposing yourself to serious health problems, both physical and psychological, and it is absurd not to use the resources at your disposal to avoid them.