How a workplace accident lawyer helps

In the event that you have suffered an accident at work or one of your relatives has been involved in this type of situation, you should know from the outset that everyone can and should seek the help of an experienced lawyer in this type of process, in order to receive professional help.

This is a key decision because people tend to be unaware of the law and therefore of their rights. A clear example of this is that in California it is illegal for an employee to be fired for an accident at work, but there is little talk about it.

The help of a lawyer in work-related accidents

It is worth starting by noting that many injured workers are afraid to report their injury or the fact that an accident has occurred because of the fear of losing their job.

However, failure to report an accident at work can have many consequences, including potential health and economic problems.

We must remember that the Law protects us all regardless of whether we have the knowledge about it or not, the disadvantage is when we have not studied it or when we have recourse to a person with the necessary knowledge to cite it, interpret it and so on. In other words, a lawyer.

It is proposed that all persons who are interested in the work that can be performed by a job in such cases involving an accident at work should think or do the following:

  • Get to a hospital or medical centre as soon as possible.

  • Ask for a copy of the report from the emergency room where the care was received. It is essential that physicians be asked to provide very sound data on everything that happens in the process.

  • Find each of the witnesses who witnessed the accident and ask for their names or phone numbers. Indicate that in the future you will be able to contact them for their testimony.

  • Take photographs of the place where the event took place, machines, facilities and all the elements that may be useful to defend the case.

  • Of course proceed to contact an attorney for the defenders who has a specialization in workers’ compensation.

  • No documents need to be signed without the advice of an attorney.

  • Investigate each of the causes that caused the accident and whether the company complies with the safety measures required by law.

  • Collect invoices and expenses related to the accident at work.

Finally, the lawyer will be in charge of making good use of these data or documents to proceed with the case.