Fear to terrorism in Belgian cycling

A year ago, and a week, and Belgium shook with fear. In the airport of Brussels, on the 8th morning, the attackers exploded two bombs near two check-in counters and killed fourteen people. An hour later, another bomb was detonated in the metro molenbeek on, which killed twenty other people. There were hundreds of wounded, some of them seriously. Those attacks were blamed on the Islamic State, as the majority of the terrorist acts that have taken place in Europe in recent years. Belgium, since then, is greatly concerned with the security and the panic that it might happen again, it’s going to take extreme measures during the dispute of the Tour of Flanders this Sunday.

If it is spring, there is cycling in Belgium. Until the Giro d’italia arrives in may and cleaning up, there is nothing that can fill more stomach cycling classics in Flanders. Three of the five monuments are fought in the lands of belgium. The first of these three is the Tour of Flanders, one of the careers that arouses most passion in the world of two wheels without a motor. According to the authorities of that country, it is expected that half a million people make an appointment in the vicinity of the roads to accompany the cyclists from Antwerp to Oudenaarde by 260 kilometers of asphalt and cobblestones to complete the test, you will meet some of the best cyclists on the planet, as the current world champion, Peter Sagan.

A very important race, safety required

But the action is not developed in only a day, at least not for the amateur cyclist, who has the opportunity to enjoy as if it were a professional in a popular race called ‘We Run Flanders’ in the expected 16,000 participants of all nationalities in Antwerp for this Saturday. And if ‘only’ are those is by the restriction of the authority to increase the number of runners. In addition, it is only going to allow to participate to persons duly registered and inspections are carried out in accreditation, especially in the Waaslandtunnel, which will only be accessed by participants.

Since Sunday, the security measures shall take every possible measure even more. After what happened in Nice, Berlin and, most recently, London, cities that were hit by attacks from people behind the wheel of vehicles that are charged indiscriminately to passers-by, it is clear that nowadays it is possible to carry out a terrorist attack in virtually any way. Belgium has wanted to protect in this sense, or at least try. The bodies of security will be urging “concrete blocks or other similar items” in strategic areas of cities to avoid that large vehicles can access areas of fans.

On the other hand, will try to avoid the presence of explosive already held records in depth in some strategic places, according to the police of the country. In addition, for the first time in history, fans who want access to these areas will suffer exhaustive searches and records, and be allowed to enter with backpacks to any of the 17 places of special security. In fact, it asks the public to go without any type of backpack or bag to not be able to give any fright. As a curious aside, it is not possible to fly personal drones.

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